Adult Mosquito Control Services

OtterTail conducts routine, large-scale adulticiding programs in-house, owns its own adulticiding equipment (truck mounted and hand held ULV machines, backpack misters, etc.) and has staff thoroughly trained and experienced in its use. Having been through Colorado’s WNV epidemic of 2003, we have proven experience mobilizing quickly to provide spraying when the need arises.

OtterTail staff has extensive experience with adulticiding. For example, our senior mosquito specialist has been responsible for overseeing and performing mosquito pesticide spray-truck operations for several years throughout his career and our staff has conducted literally hundreds of hours of ULV truck-mounted spraying. OtterTail staff has also conducted numerous detailed research studies on the effects and success rates of truck-mounted spraying.

This combination of extensive “behind the wheel” spraying experience and research of spray success gives you the assurance that any spray events will be carried out expertly. OtterTail also has a pool of other companies we can subcontract to for large-scale emergency situations (such as aerial adulticiding).

We are also excited to announce that OtterTail’s entire fleet of truck mounted ULV units is now equipped with state-of-the-art variable flow and GPS technologies. These latest technologies allow for several instantaneous, automated and accurate reports of each spray event including:

  • Application Reports – provides the miles, ounces and acres sprayed along with the average speed of application
  • Chemical ID and Flow Rate – reports the type of chemical applied and it’s flow rate
  • Vehicle and Driver ID – allows reporting of activities by vehicle or driver
  • Max and Average Speeds – reports the average and maximum speeds of the vehicle during applications
  • Start/Stop Times – reports the location and time a vehicle and ULV started and stopped during applications
  • ArcGIS Integration – The data can also be viewed in ArcGIS software systems
  • Variable Flow Control – allows for speed compensated variable flow control of ULV functions during applications

OtterTail is proud to be leading the way among Colorado’s mosquito control contractors by equipping its entire truck mounted ULV fleet with this innovative adult mosquito control equipment. These latest modern technologies will ensure that you are receiving proper, safe and effective adult mosquito control applications during each and every spray event.