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Adult Mosquito Spray Schedule

  Questions? Answers and links to frequently asked questions regarding the pesticides used and general spraying questions are provided on our Pesticide Information and FAQ’s web page.

No Spray and Notification Request

Ottertail Environmental no longer is doing mosquito control. Please contact VDCI at 303-466-1892  with your mosquito control questions or needs. You can also leave your information on VDCI’s Mosquito Control Hotline at 1-888-774-2161   Other Questions for OtterTail? If you still have questions, feel free to contact us at: OtterTail Environmental 10200 West 44th Ave, […]

Mosquito Hotline, Notification List and Contact Information

OtterTail is no longer performing mosquito control services. VDCI now operates a Mosquito Control Hotline so residents in program areas can report potential mosquito habitats, adult activity complaints, and request to be placed on the No Spray/Notification List. Please leave your information on VDCI’s Mosquito Control Hotline at 303-466-1892 or (1-888-774-2161) City of Boulder Residents please call […]

Mosquito Control Experience

OtterTail has aquatic entomologists, mosquito control specialists, certified pesticide applicators, wetland scientists, GIS specialists and wildlife biologists to meet all of your program needs. Our staff focuses on unique and innovative ways to protect human health, while still protecting the environment and reducing project costs through the use of the following services: Innovative surveillance & […]

Licensing and Insurance

OtterTail is licensed as a commercial pesticide applicator by the Colorado Department of Agriculture (CDA) and complies with all state and federal laws. As standard protocol, we have been regularly inspected at our office by the CDA, assuring your agency that we comply with all of their requirements (e.g., proper pesticide storage, proper maintenance and […]

Laboratory and Surveillance Services

OtterTail operates an in-house surveillance lab that allows us to perform thousands of adult and larval identifications each season. We own state-of-the-art laboratory and identification equipment and up-to-date mosquito key books to ensure that all of our identifications are performed accurately. The identification of mosquito species can be an essential component to any properly managed […]

Larval Surveillance and Control Services

OtterTail realizes that a properly managed larval surveillance and control program is the key to any effective mosquito control program. The foundation of a solid surveillance program should be comprised of an experienced and well-educated field crew. All of our permanent staff members have experience conducting mosquito larval surveillance work and many of our non-fulltime/seasonal […]

Adult Mosquito Control Services

OtterTail conducts routine, large-scale adulticiding programs in-house, owns its own adulticiding equipment (truck mounted and hand held ULV machines, backpack misters, etc.) and has staff thoroughly trained and experienced in its use. Having been through Colorado’s WNV epidemic of 2003, we have proven experience mobilizing quickly to provide spraying when the need arises. OtterTail staff […]

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Technological Services

OtterTail uses state-of-the-art software and hardware to implement our mapping efforts in-house. The majority of our employees have been trained to conduct GIS wetland aerial photo digital mapping and subsequently have extensive experience digitizing wet areas on high resolution aerial photos. By having experienced staff members and the latest GIS technologies in-house, OtterTail can provide […]