Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Technological Services

OtterTail uses state-of-the-art software and hardware to implement our mapping efforts in-house. The majority of our employees have been trained to conduct GIS wetland aerial photo digital mapping and subsequently have extensive experience digitizing wet areas on high resolution aerial photos. By having experienced staff members and the latest GIS technologies in-house, OtterTail can provide you with quality mapping and GIS products in a timely manner.

Along with our GIS resources, OtterTail also has a high tech server-based supported network with high speed internet, faxes, scanners, printers, and computer workstations. OtterTail uses non-proprietary electronic databases and spreadsheets to track all of our mosquito surveillance and control operations. This allows us to keep detailed site information, track and schedule site visits based on differing variables, and produce weekly, monthly, and annual reports in a quick and efficient manner. Using commonly accessible software also allows us to provide you with your own data in an easily manipulative form for your own records.