Larval Surveillance and Control Services

OtterTail realizes that a properly managed larval surveillance and control program is the key to any effective mosquito control program. The foundation of a solid surveillance program should be comprised of an experienced and well-educated field crew. All of our permanent staff members have experience conducting mosquito larval surveillance work and many of our non-fulltime/seasonal mosquito technicians have more than one season with us, assuring our clients that we have the depth and breadth needed for solid program implementation. Our seasonal field technicians meet the Colorado Department of Agriculture’s training standards by attending our field and classroom training programs. In addition to the initial training programs, OtterTail’s Qualified Supervisors also provide regular training updates throughout each season for all of our field crews.

OtterTail applies pesticides at the recommended application rates for each product it uses. For example, 5 pounds (or greater depending upon habitat conditions) per acre is our standard application rate for our Bti granule larvicide. We also perform a large number of quality control post-checks each season to ensure that our control treatments are effective. OtterTail owns all the equipment (power backpack spreaders, hand held GPS units, etc.) and has the manpower needed to provide you with a comprehensive and effective larval surveillance and control program at a great price.

Not only does OtterTail have the experienced staff and necessary equipment needed, we can also utilize our Breeding Site Management Program (BSMP) to ensure that your larval control program will be effectively managed, tracked and maintained. The BSMP is our standard method of site organization and tracking for the larval breeding sites. This method of site organization has proven to be a highly reliable, efficient, and “user friendly” system.

Key Components of OtterTail’s Breeding Site Management Program (BSMP)

  • Alpha-numeric grid system of the project area starts the linking process
  • Gridded into 1-mile aerial photo section cards
  • Section cards tied to specialized field forms
  • Field forms tied to electronic database

Why is the BSMP valuable?

  • Designed and developed over several years
  • Effectively manages data gathering and tracking effort
  • Focuses/guides the field technicians (what to collect, where to collect, and when to collect it) which ensures sites are not missed and are treated on a timely basis (the key to any larval program)
  • QA/QC: Establishes an ability to track the effectiveness of the field technicians
  • Linked aerial photo section cards guide the technicians to the sites and ensures there is no confusion on which site is linked to the field forms
  • Provides easy tracking of when technicians should revisit a site
  • Database enables effective tracking, reporting, and analysis of the data
  • Effective analysis enables improvements to the program