Mosquito Control Experience

OtterTail has aquatic entomologists, mosquito control specialists, certified pesticide applicators, wetland scientists, GIS specialists and wildlife biologists to meet all of your program needs. Our staff focuses on unique and innovative ways to protect human health, while still protecting the environment and reducing project costs through the use of the following services:

  • Innovative surveillance & control plan development
  • Mosquito habitat mapping (GIS and aerial photo based)
  • Laboratory and field ID of mosquito larvae
  • Mosquito monitoring, population tracking, and trend analysis
  • Field ID of target-species habitat areas that warrant treatment
  • Biological larvicide application (Bti, Bs)
  • Habitat modification
  • Predatory species introductions
  • Adult mosquito surveillance and laboratory ID
  • Laboratory ID & preparation of adult samples for West Nile Virus (WNV) testing
  • Ultra low volume (ULV) pesticide application and success evaluation
  • Public outreach and education programs
  • Coordination (CDC, state/county health, city council, media interviews)
  • Special event services (outdoor weddings, concerts, etc.)
  • Small-scale services (farms/ranches, individual home owners, etc.)

OtterTail has extensive experience in the planning, coordination, and implementation of mosquito surveillance and control programs. We have conducted WNV surveillance and mosquito control efforts for all sizes of projects – everything from large county-wide programs to small home owner’s associations. Please give us a call for more information and to get a price quote for the services that would best suit your needs.

Key staff that would be assigned to your project have specialized expertise in every area required for these services (e.g., IPM program development, planning, GIS and field mapping, mosquito identification, surveillance and control services, health and safety, public outreach), and will provide you with an integrated and effective program.

We are familiar with the types of issues and concerns encountered while conducting these programs, and will work with you to help avoid them. These experiences will allow OtterTail to provide you with high quality development, planning and management of a comprehensive program that has been tailored to meet your goals and objectives.