OtterTail Geographic Information System Database Capabilities

OtterTail is a full service Geographic Information System/Global Positioning System (GIS/GPS) service provider.   We develop custom map products that display data, perform spatial analysis to synthesize relevant information, and conduct visual simulations. We regularly conduct data-mining for projects in new areas to help us identify potential constraints for our clients. In addition, our programmers have the ability to create custom GIS tools to automate common work-flows and develop complete GIS solutions for any project. These solutions may include database integration, mobile data collection for field personnel, and web-based viewing of both spatial and tabular data.

For example we have a system where our biologists collect attribute data in the field. Those data are then retrieved and imported into an Access database using a routine that conducts thorough validation and flag potential errors. GIS attributes are updated from the Access database as data come in from the field and updated maps and reports are sent back to the biologists. These maps and reports can be available for viewing to our clients in near real-time.

Some of the technologies we employ are ArcGIS Desktop for map production and analysis, Spatial Analyst for 3D visualization, Adobe Photoshop for visual simulation, ArcGIS Online for distributing spatial data via the internet, ArcGIS Collector for collecting spatial data in the field, ODK Collect for collecting tabular data in the field, ArcObjects and Python for automating GIS workflows, and Access or SQLServer for managing tabular data.